Elmo Haney's Pharmacy
201 East Main, Atkins, AR 72823



(Information compiled by Bryan Hays and taken from "A Heart Within A Valley - A History of the Atkins Area" by John C. Stroud and from online research.)

We purchased the pharmacy on January 1, 2011 from Lloyd E. Haney.  Mr. Haney (Elmo) had served the public from this location since 1987.  His father had a pharmacy at the same location several years before.  The building the pharmacy resides in today has had a storied history as well.

The business district of older buildings in the heart of downtown Atkins was recently placed on the National Register of Historic Places.  The building that houses the pharmacy was actually the first business built in the new town of Atkins.  The original town was located at Galla Rock on the banks of the Arkansas River.  The move to the present day location was facilitated by the Fort Smith to Little Rock railroad.

E.A. Darr opened the first business in the new town, a general mercantile, in 1873.  In 1879, he built the brick building which serves as our pharmacy today.  The following photos are of that era in time of first ownership.

There is a remnant of the original business that still survives today.  This huge bank-type safe is inscribed with a picture and the name of E.A. Darr.  It is also inscribed as being made March 27th 1877!  It must literally weigh a ton!

 Now the story takes an interesting twist for me.  The building was purchased by relatives of mine and housed their business of Yaerger Groceries and Meats.  The history book shows the business in operation in 1929.  This photograph is dated from the mid-1930's.

 E.W. Haney, Elmo's father, had a pharmacy and soda fountain in the building during the 1940's, 50's, and 60's.  Elmo Started working in his father's drug store at the age of ten in 1945.  The Atkins Pickle Plant rented the back storeroom for a period of time and operated a print shop.  We found an old business sign in the back room for a book bindery which must have been associated with this business.

Later on, C & D Drug Store occupied the building for a period beginning in June 1970.  Elmo Haney then bought the building in 1987 and moved his business into its present location.  I worked at the pharmacy during summers while in school and then full-time after graduating from UAMS College of Pharmacy in May 2005.  Since then, I have been pharmacist in-charge until purchasing the business and building on January 1, 2011.